Ben Drayton

“I was fortunate enough to have worked directly with Andrew and the ‘Singular Team’ at bwin firstly within their work on the Mobile Casino Product, and then on the Mobile Portal. The team’s ability to help bridge the gap between business and tech was brilliant. They regularly and proactively offered advice on innovative solutions and then went above and beyond to make sure they were delivered in time.

Faced with an issue or proposed feature enhancement (both before and especially during grooming sessions), the guys would take the time to listen to the problem statement as well as the macro business context, and offer different alternatives needed to resolve the issue at hand. They were able to clearly articulate and outline to a layperson what a particular approach would involve from a technical standpoint in terms of complexity, effort and repercussions, so that they would be quickly able to make an informed decision about the best way to move forward.

As a Product Owner this made my job infinitely easier. When you combine this with their exceptionally proactive thinking and first class work ethic, it was an absolute pleasure to work with the guys and I would not hesitate in recommending them for future work opportunities.”